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Modern LED Ceiling Light Crystal Chandelier Lamp 70CM Cool White

Modern LED Ceiling Light Crystal Chandelier Lamp 70CM Cool White

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With this splendid lighting, your good taste will be shown to the guests. The lighting is made up of squares, all of which are inlaid with clear crystal, and makes the light eye-catching yet functional. Apart from that, we use LED lights to save your electricity bills without reducing their performance at the same time. If the elegant style is your thing and you want it all over your home, then this splendid lighting is your best choice.

*Elevating the whole look of your living area won¡¯t be that hard with this light.
*With the polished stainless steel, it can refract the light to illuminate a wider range.
*We chose high-quality metal and applied an excellent industrial method to optimize its life span.
*It is designed to be installed in the sitting rooms greeting with you.

Dimensions: 70cm W x 70cm D x 18cm H
Product Type: Semi-flush mount
Number of Lights: 4
Wattage: 96 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Applicable Room Size: 20-27 m2
Mounted Type: Ceiling Mount
Type of Lights: LED
Color of Light: Cool White
Finish: Chrome
Primary Material: Metal
Dimmable: No
Assembly Required: Yes

Package Content
1 x Ceiling Light

*For your safety, and to protect the fixture, ensure that there is no power running to the fixture.
*Be sure to wipe the fixture completely dry before switching it on.

Maintenance tips
*To clean off general dust, just wipe it down with a lint-free cloth.
*For a deeper clean, look for specialty chandelier cleaner that can be found at any hardware store.

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