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Garden Waterfall Fountain with Rockery Decor

Garden Waterfall Fountain with Rockery Decor

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The design is unique, and the irregular shape is closer to nature. When the water flows from top to bottom, you can relax in the sound of the natural waterfall, and at the same time it adds visual interest to your courtyard and garden.
Equipped with a solar panel, it is very attractive at night and enhances the depth of your living space.
Flowing water can also be used as a natural humidifier, and fountains can be used in outdoor and indoor environments.

Equipped with a solar panel
Built in LED light
Indoor and outdoor fountains
Elegant design, close to nature

Material: Resin, Stone Effect
Dimension: 27 cm W x 23 cm D x 46cm H
Finish: Black

Package Included£º
1 x Water Fountain Rockery
1 x Solar Panel

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